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A Bit About Me

My scholarship, which theorizes a critical race technology theory (CRTT) in education, extends conventional education research to include socio-technical and techno-structural analyses of artificially intelligent (AI) technologies. Specifically, my research examines anti-Blackness as “the default setting” of AI and examines the socio-emotional, mental health and educational consequences of algorithmic racism in the lives and schooling experiences of Black youth. My work simultaneously recognizes Black youth as digital activists and civic agitators, and examines the complex ways they subvert, resist and rewrite racially biased technologies to produce more just and joyous digital experiences for Communities of Color across the diaspora.


Recent Accomplishments


US Department of Education:

AI and Education

In December 2023, I was invited by the US Department of Education's Office of Educational Technology to share my insights on the power and peril of AI in education for historically marginalized groups.


MacArthur + Op Ed Fellow

Technology in the Public Interest

In Fall 2023, I was inducted into the inaugural cohort of the Public Voices in Technology Fellowship by the MacArthur Foundation and the Op Ed Project


100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics

This year, I was named one of the 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics


Harvard University
AI & Educational Ethics

In 2023, I was invited to speak at Harvard's Educational Ethics Conference, where I shared my insights on how to design Educational AI in ethical, intersectional and equity-oriented ways.


MIT Scratch Lab
Tools Competition 

Throughout 2024-2026, I will serve as an advisory board member for one of Scratch's newest learning technologies: Scratch Connect


Emerging Scholar Fellowship

In 2023 I was awarded the Emerging Scholar Fellowship with AI CIRCLS. As apart of the award, I will serve as an advisory board member for a special issue on AI and Higher Education in collaboration with the Journal of Computing in Higher Education 

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